Tyler Newton

Seismology and Data Science @ UO
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Fourth year doctoral candidate utilizing signal processing, machine learning, and other quantitative computational methods to derive insights from seismic time series data. In a broad context, I am interested in using computers and sensors to understand our surroundings. More narrowly, I apply this interest to constrain the stress state in Earth’s crust, to infer the mechanics of earthquakes and landslides, and to extract information from noisy signals.

Neskowin Ghost Forest

Photos and words from a recent visit to the Neskowin Ghost Forest, a staple in the pages of the Cascadia Subduction Zone story.

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Rattlesnake Ridge Landslide

Our group recently deployed 38 nodes in the area surrounding the Rattlesnake Ridge Landslide in Washington.

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Earthquake Seismology at University of Oregon

We research seismotectonics, fault mechanics, and crustal deformation via observation and modeling.

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